• Rotolight Anova

    Rotolight Anova

    Rotolight Anova Pro is the ultimate LED studio/ location light designed for the most demanding of professionals. Now up to 43% brighter than the previous generation, Anova Pro’s Bi-Colour LED system with AccuColourTM delivers exceptional colour rendering (CRI:96+), and dual controls for fast, tunable colour thanks to the accurate colour […]

  • Rotolight NEO

    Rotolight NEO

    •     Bi Colour (6300K-3200K), Soft Light output – 50 degree beam angle •     Delivers an powerful output of up to 1077 lux at 3 feet •     AccuColour™ technology for Best in Class CRI >95, Skin Tone >99, TLCI > 91 •     True […]

  • Rotolight


    Rotolight are delighted to announce that the NEO TM, has been awarded the Photography news readers choice awards, “Best Continuous Light” 2015, award! Since it’s launch in May 2015, the Rotolight NEO has become the light of choice for photographers and videographers worldwide.  NEO included several groundbreaking, industry first features […]

  • DSM-U84 Direct replacement battery for PMW-200, EX1, F3 etc tried and tested.

    DSM-U84 Direct replacement battery for PMW-200, EX1, F3 etc tried and tested.

    The DSM U-84 battery is rated at 84Wh and is the same size as an original BPU-60 which is rated at 55Wh. But feedback from people using the battery, say it powers their camera longer than a Sony BP-U90 that is rated at 85Wh. DSM Batteries are fully guaranteed for 2 years DSM U84 […]

  • DSM v-mount -gold mount batteries

    DSM v-mount -gold mount batteries

      Compatible with IDX® Sony® V Mount™ chargers and camera mounts Choice of Premium SANYO® or Panasonic® cells High Quality Rugged GE® ABS-Polycarbonate Plastic Alloy Housing. 5 LED State of Charge Indication Nominal Voltage 14.8V 14.4V compatible Connectors Copper Alloy Hard Gold Plated IC controlled circuit protection for Under Voltage, […]

  • DSM ultimate NPLU-84

    DSM ultimate NPLU-84

      The DSM ULTIMATE NPLU84 is a superior Professional Lithium ion NP1 Battery made with Panasonic® cells. It has a massive 84Wh of power yet it is 45% lighter than a Ni-Cd NP1 which was typically 22Wh. It is Fully compatible with IDX® NP1 Li-ion chargers and has a 5 LED […]

  • Alister Chapman reviews the DSM UV160

    Alister Chapman reviews the  DSM UV160

    I was recently given a DSM UV160 battery to try. I already have a few DSM UV98 batteries that I purchased about 2 years   ago  and these have proven to be very good indeed, certainly meeting their performance specifications and after 2 years of hard use they still hold a […]

  • Alister Chapman – links

    Alister Chapman – links

    Alisteri koduleht:http://www.xdcam-user.com/ Siin viide , milliseid koolitusi Alister teeb: http://www.xdcam-user.com/ultimate-documentary-production-workshop/ Pildi profiilidest (super 35 , broadcast kaamerad):http://www.xdcam-user.com/picture-profile-guide/ Alister toob kaasa ka sellise asja: Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q has landed.    



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