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  • DSM v-mount -gold mount batteries

    DSM v-mount -gold mount batteries

      Compatible with IDX® Sony® V Mount™ chargers and camera mounts Choice of Premium SANYO® or Panasonic® cells High Quality Rugged GE® ABS-Polycarbonate Plastic Alloy Housing. 5 LED State of Charge Indication Nominal Voltage 14.8V 14.4V compatible Connectors Copper Alloy Hard Gold Plated IC controlled circuit protection for Under Voltage, […]

  • DSM ultimate NPLU-84

    DSM ultimate NPLU-84

      The DSM ULTIMATE NPLU84 is a superior Professional Lithium ion NP1 Battery made with Panasonic® cells. It has a massive 84Wh of power yet it is 45% lighter than a Ni-Cd NP1 which was typically 22Wh. It is Fully compatible with IDX® NP1 Li-ion chargers and has a 5 LED […]

  • DSM-U84 Direct replacement battery for PMW-200, EX1, F3 etc tried and tested.

    DSM-U84 Direct replacement battery for PMW-200, EX1, F3 etc tried and tested.

    The DSM U-84 battery is rated at 84Wh and is the same size as an original BPU-60 which is rated at 55Wh. But feedback from people using the battery, say it powers their camera longer than a Sony BP-U90 that is rated at 85Wh. DSM Batteries are fully guaranteed for 2 years DSM U84 […]

  • Kaamerad


    Camera operators need to know their camera so well that they dont need to think about it technically. That knowledge allows them to spend their time shooting creatively in a way that effectively communicates.

  • Manual


    AG-HPX500E_manual PDW510-530_manual SonyNEX_FS700Eng

  • Sensor sizes

    Sensor sizes


  • Alister Chapman reviews the DSM UV160

    Alister Chapman reviews the  DSM UV160

    I was recently given a DSM UV160 battery to try. I already have a few DSM UV98 batteries that I purchased about 2 years   ago  and these have proven to be very good indeed, certainly meeting their performance specifications and after 2 years of hard use they still hold a […]

  • LED576 , 3200-5600K

    LED576 , 3200-5600K

    Specifications: Color Temperature: 3200K~5600K Output Power: 35W Voltage: 12V/DC XLR or 100V-240V/AC CRI: >85 Number of LEDs: 576 pcs Illuminance: 3500 lux/m Dimmable Range: 10-100% Product  Weight: 1.9kgs Product Dimensions: 40.3(W)x 30(H)x 9.5(D)cm      

  • Alister Chapman – links

    Alister Chapman – links

    Alisteri koduleht: Siin viide , milliseid koolitusi Alister teeb: Pildi profiilidest (super 35 , broadcast kaamerad): Alister toob kaasa ka sellise asja: Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q has landed.    



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