5.02.2012 013

I was recently given a DSM UV160 battery to try. I already have a few DSM UV98 batteries that I purchased about 2 years   ago  and these have proven to be very good indeed, certainly meeting their performance specifications and after 2 years of hard use they still hold a full charge without any issue.

The UV98 however is a little on the small side for the power hungry PDW-700 or F800 (it is however excellent on a PMW-350). The UV98 only really gave me about 70 to 90 minutes of operation, so for a full days shoot you need to have 6 or more batteries and lots of battery swaps.

The UV160 is built to the same high standards as the UV98 and has nice grippy side panels so you don’t drop it as well as the usual led charge gauge. What surprised me the most about it is it’s weight! This is not a heavy battery, in fact I can barely tell whether I have the UV98 or UV160 on the back of the camera, yet it lasts almost twice as long powering my PDW-700 for almost 2.5 hours. At 160Wh (10.7Ah 14.8v) the UV160 is the largest size of lithium battery that you can take on a commercial flight, so it’s ideal for me with all the travel that I do.

With a price comparable to many of the Chinese made batteries but with the advantage of using high quality Sanyo or Panasonic cells I have to say that I have been impressed with the value the DSM batteries represent especially when compared to the cost of some of Sony’s V-Lock batteries. It’s also good to be supporting a British Company. Highly Recommended!